• How often should I get my eyebrows done?

Generally, the median time is 4-6 weeks. After you've tried this amount of time, you can then decide whether you would like to get your brows done more often or wait a little longer.

  • Can certain medications effect waxing?

Absolutely. Many medications thin out the skin and cause extreme sensitivity. If waxed, it can be damaged and ripped off. 

  • What makeup products should I use to fill in my brows?

Powders, pencils and tinted eyebrow gels are the best choices for every day use. Pomades tend to be very drying and tough to remove, causing hair damage and shedding. If pomades are your product of choice, try to use a very small amount on an angle brush by creating hair stokes following your natural hair growth pattern.

  • What makeup brand do you recommend to fill in my brows?

I love Kelley Baker Brows products. I use and sell her products at the shop.

  • My eyebrow hair is shedding and becoming more sparse. What is causing it?

    • Poor diet and lack of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals - recommend taking a daily multi-vitamin

    • Medications (especially birth control)

    • Age - as we age our bodies produce less or thinner hair

    • Makeup - heavy eyebrow makeup can become more difficult to remove. If you find yourself scrubbing your brows to remove makeup, wet a towel with lukewarm water, press onto brows,and let makeup soften up

    • Hot water - washing your face with really hot water can cause dehydration and loss of essential oils, therefore weakening the follicles 

    • Health issues - Alopecia, lupus, eczema and psoriasis​

    • Sleep position - sometimes if we sleep dominantly on one side, you will notice that eyebrow hair, lashes and sometimes our hairline begin to thin out

  • I want to help speed up hair growth. What should I do?

I have seen many of my clients successfully use natural oils such as castor, coconut and vitamin E oil. Others have opted for hair growth serums such as Revitalash and Latisse.

  • Do you provide tinting or microblading services?

At the moment, microblading and tinting are techniques I have not gotten into​.